Coffee of the Month Club



The Barrel Market coffee enjoys a loyal following of coffee aficionados who have made our coffee the only coffee they drink.
It is Fresh Roasted locally, usually within a couple of weeks. Fresh organic coffee beans are selected from the place in the country where the beans are most recently harvested. Harvest dates vary based on the different climates from Central and South America. Our Beans are selected based on the time of year, where we can obtain the freshest, richest beans.
Members in our Coffee of the Month Club will receive either fresh ground or whole bean organic each month we will roast it with a different bourbon choice.
We will include information on the bourbon each month’s coffee is roasted with. Four Roses, Buffalo Trace, Makers Mark, Old Forester, Woodford Reserve, and Weller are just some of the great bourbons we use to roast the selected beans.


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