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Handcrafted furnishings that instantly brighten up your day. Whether its furniture, decor or wedding gifts, we use the finest material and workmanship to produce our products.

Caring for your items

We use Helmsman Brand from Miniwax to preserve and protect the products in our Bourbon Line. If over time your outdoor furniture looses its luster you can purchase the product in a spray can to restore its luster. For day-to-day cleaning and care we recommend a dust spray that contains oil. We typically use Scott’s Liquid Gold. The oil in this product will make scratches seem to disappear.

Caring for Cedar Products 

Cedar is a great outdoor wood. Preferred by many for its natural resistance to decay and insects. We apply a thin coat of normal vegetable oil. This brings out the grain and provides protection to the wood. Cedar will lose its luster sitting in the sun over time. To restore the new look simply wipe it down with a rag and vegetable oil. Allow time to dry before sitting in it.  

After a few years a light sanding may bring back the original look as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Almost all of your furniture items are made by local Amish Craftsmen who create our products in their own homes, farm, and workshops using the skills that have been passed down from generation to generation.

We work very hard to obtain the best barrels available for making our products. In almost all cases we use new but charred oak barrels made by local “Cooperages” We buy in bulk to allow us to make our products at a lower cost. Our barrels are new, but charred; they have never contained liquor. This makes them far better for the use of furniture. Used Barrels will typically be warped, have rusty barrel rings, and the wood will contain so much liquid that the barrel with expand and contract with the changes in weather.  Bourbon barrels are only used once, but they are typically sold to other distillers who will use them to age other liquors and beers in, even things like pickles. Those smells can never be removed from the Barrel.

We can, but we will highly advise you not to for many of the above reasons. We will not warranty any used barrel, and it will cost more because it will require more work to get it useable. For making a chair or something it would be ok, But not for a Bourbon Barrel Bar.

Absolutely, the furniture we sell is made of Bourbon Stave or Cedar. Bourbon Barrels are made from White Oak. A very hard wood. Bourbon Barrels will hold bourbon in them from 3-20 years depending on the brand. We doubt there is anything going on in your backyard that will present as harsh of conditions of multiple years of holding Bourbon, We do however add multiple coats of UV and Waterproof protection to all of our Bourbon Products. We use Helmsman Brand (See Care Instructions) Over years depending on the conditions you play you products they will lose some luster. You can easily buy a spray can a touch your products up to make them look new again.

For our Cedar Products, Cedar has long been a cherished wood because of its natural resistance to insects and decay.  Unless otherwise requested we simply finish our cedar products with a light coating of vegetable oil. Yes simple kitchen vegetable oil. It will be out the grain, and provide weather protection. As the weather dulls the sharpness of the color and grain simply wipe the chair down with a rag and vegetable oil.

We have made chair for people who are shorter and larger than average. We want you to have a comfortable fit you will enjoy and we can do virtually any custom work.

I personally really enjoyed becoming personal friends with my Amish associates and enjoy seeing them often. They certainly like to meet and see the people who appreciate their skill and craftsmanship. Often clients will pick up special order items from the Amish if it is more convenient.  All of our communication takes place my mail or in person. But we can certainly try to arrange the opportunity to meet craftsmen who created your items.

We do ship, sometimes in can be a challenge and expensive. We have contract rates with UPS and Fed Express. We will also sometime use Ship Express which I can best describe as doing what Air BNB did for overnight stays they are doing for shipping. For large orders it can be a great alternative, but usually will not be quick as other methods.

We stand behind our workmanship. If something in our construction process fails we will repair or replace the product.  It will be your responsibility to get the product to us. One of the great things about dealing with The Barrel Market, a small business, if you dog chews up the arm on your chair, or if a tree falls on it and breaks one piece of wood. We can send you a replacement arm, or a new hinge, minor items can be addressed unlike the big box stores who can offer nothing.

Many of our items came from a custom job. A client has a very specific need, certain size, and specific stain. Or maybe an entire new concept.  The Barrel Market will meet with that client, and then meet with The Amish Craftsmen to discuss it. Once the design is agreed on we will send you pictures and videos as it is constructed and allow you to provide additional input.

We can engrave virtually anything into a Barrel Head. We laser burn the image in to the barrel head. We ask you to provide the artwork you desire. Or we can have our graphic artist work with you to create just the look you wish.  See Barrel Heads for some examples of other custom jobs we have done.

Yes, we have built numerous merchandising items for retail and liquor companies, often with their logo included.

Yes we have partnered with a number of very talented Artists who create art that principally relates to Kentucky, Bourbon and Horses. Our artists have also done custom creations for our customers. Artists that would like to have their art on display at The Barrel Gallery can contact us.

We too have a passion for Bourbon and a love for Kentucky and can help you plan a great visit from places to see, places to drink our native spirit and we also have a relationship with The Orgin Hotel  steps away and we can offer you a preferred rate at this upscale hotel.

We are in  The Summit at ritz Farm, an new and upscale development with high end retail, excellent dining and home to the Orgin Hotel  just steps away from the Barrel Market. Address is Summit at Fritz Farm, Suite 165 we are near the Shake Shack and next to Vineyard Vines. By the way, when you stop in, be sure to go by The Shake Shack and have the Salted Carmel Makers Mark Milk Shake. Trust me!

We don’t have a large factory or have products made in China. Are items are made by true Amish Craftsmen almost exclusively.  We will provide discounts on large orders.

It varies depending on the time of the year. Our Amish craftsmen work with out lights or electricity. When it gets dark at 5 PM instead of 9PM it will create a long time. We have had delays sometimes for reasons we never dreamed of. We have all heard or maybe used the excuse the dog at it. With the Amish Ive experience delays because of goats getting lose, horses throwing a shoe, reasons I never imagined. If you have a firm need by date please discuss that with us when ordering. But keep in mind one of the reasons we have superior products is because they are hand made and that sometimes takes longer.

That depends on the nature of the order. Items customized with your name will require full payment at the time order is place. Deposits are non-refundable.  Please be certain you want the product before place and order. If you change your mind you deposit will not be refunded.